Moon Dog’s New Trio Of Crafty Delights

There is always excitement for myself and others see that moon dog are working on new beers for our consumption. A small craft brewery from Abbotsford , Victoria , Australia that are always setting out to create new and progressive beers that sometimes create a trend in the market place or inspires there fellow community to invent and share.

There label art and styling of having ingredients and methods used to brew there beers on the label is a great format and leaves you to glance when trying them its a real experience I love every time. I have been a fan boy for a very long time since I tried there Perverse Sexual Amalgam at a Melbourne beer festival a few years ago (where does the time go) All the gents are really lovely fellows and are genuine to what the are creating and placing on the market. Recently I was tagged in a few photos on Instagram and once again was on the search to find out what they where brewing up. I have acquired the trio and here are my thoughts as below.

Mummy have A bite A Toffee Apple Amber Ale !


This is a calvados barrel aged amber ale.

Pours a very murky brown with a hue of sunburnt orange.

I’m a little unsure so letting it warm up. I get the calvados barrels instantly lots of apple , oak , sweet caramel and a little mixed spice. The mouth feel is a little thin but with pleasing when the warm alcohol seeps thought. I find toffee coming out then moulding into this little fruity hop bite. On my second inspection I understand this it’s unique and inviting once again gents you have done it again a very cool beer for a grown up apple lover !

Jumping The Shark !


A Cognac Barrel Aged Truffle Imperial Stout.

The label is minimal and lets the flavours and beer speak for it self some vanishing pictures of the Fonz  , nice and quirky.

Aged for some times in cognac barrels with $4000 of Tasmanian truffles.

Its Pours like black tar and is the darkest of night and you can see in the rim that the legs stick and a moat of coffee brown is formed.

Australian craft beer at it’s finest. It throws into your face loads of dark fruit , Plums , vanilla , oak , bitter coffee , dark chocolate and soaring alcohol at 15.4 % abv with a little honey tinge soaring over and slight earthiness over the nose and tongue. Lovely deep velvet mouth feel It’s warm and smoothly inviting ! Long love the Fonz. Mini champagne bottle is a cool addition and stands out on the shelf. Thank god I got a few to keep as I think it will age and be a nice beer to crack for a special occasion.


Bock Naked A Chipotle Dark Larger !


American style dark lager brewed with dried chipotles.

Cool popping label , rich brown colour with notes of dryness , spicy chilli with a hint of smoke , mixed spice and Sweet malts

I found it was almost boarding on a porter in texture very dense and creamy with more chipotle on the nose than in the taste. Not my personal favourite of the three but a cool beer none the less.

To sum up I love seeing craft brewery’s be unique and be able to release cool beers like the above for us to try and share with friends and family it also really promotes what beer can be to people.

Check out the below web pages for more reference and information.



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